Letters and Paints Studio fell in love with Chalk Couture in 2019 and brought it into the studio to use in a variety of projects over the last two years.  What is Chalk Couture and WHY do we love it????


Chalk Couture is a creative concept in decor and crafting which includes removable chalk paste, reusable self-adhesive silkscreen stencils, permanent ink and unique surfaces.  Used together, anyone can create professional-looking, high-class home decor and crafts with ZERO creative skills!


I have not found anything like Chalk Couture through all of my creative and artistic endeavors in the last 6 years.  Chalk Couture products are high quality and affordable.  The process is different from a regular stencil – I have struggled for years making porch signs using Cricut stencils – even the unique process I teach in my art classes.

Chalk Couture makes a unique self-adhesive silk screen that gives you crisp lines for high-end decor and projects.  The transfers are simple to use, easy to clean and can be used 8-12 times!

There is a  huge inventory of transfers, you can create a custom item by mixing and matching different transfers and colors.  You can also use Chalkology paste on just about any hard surface.

Some of the surfaces I use Chalk Couture removable chalk paste on, include: boards, canvas, chalkboards, glass, metal, tin, fabric, mirrors, wood, tile, and plastic.  I have also used it on walls, furniture and appliances.

There is also Chalk Couture Ink – that you can use the ink on fabric.  By using the same silk screen transfers and squeegee to apply, you can use Couture Ink on fabrics to embellish just about anything.  Make t-shirts, pillows, towels, or hats.  By using the ink and heat setting it with a household iron, you can easily dress up a simple throw pillow or make custom t-shirts.  You can also use the ink on ceramics, like a coffee mug, and heat-set it in the oven – I did this a few years ago for Christmas presents for teachers making trivets and coasters.


Apply the self-adhesive silkscreen transfer to a surface.  Using a squeegee, apply a small amount of paste (or ink if you want it permanent on fabric or ceramics) onto the transfer.  Squeegee off  the excess and remove the transfer.  The paste will go on wet and dry hard to the touch  It is chalk afterall, just in a paste form!


All Chalk Couture products are sold through Independent Designers.  It is not sold in stores!  You can purchase directly from a Designer’s link and have items shipped directly to you.  Want to see what’s in stock now?  CLICK HERE 


To become a Chalk Couture Independent Designer, you simply need to sign up under an active Designer (like me)!  The investment is $99 and you will receive a kit “chalk”-full (see what I did there?) of products.  The starter kit is worth over $240. Click HERE to see the kit!  There is also a $19.99 monthly fee that pays for the Designer’s online store, BUT you get a free transfer every month that is worth $19.99.  The only quota is to purchase or sell $100 worth of products every quarter.  You can do this by sending customers to your online store, buying products to sell at craft fairs, or even buying products to make your own creations!  If you have any questions about becoming an Independent Designer, please reach out to me- I am more than happy to answer all of your questions.