On Location Events

Letters and Paints offer events at different venues for either Private Parties or Public Events.  We collaborate with other artists to increase exposure on social media channels in order to cross promote the event and to increase awareness of the artists and the venue/business.  We also offer children’s classes and children’s parties – both public events and private parties.  We also do Private Virtual Parties, Virtual Corporate Parties and Virtual Holiday Parties.

Past Venues/Business We Have Worked With Include:

Projects that we have done for the community or private classes include:

  • Porch Signs
  • Calligraphy
  • Watercolor and Calligraphy Postcards
  • Screen Printing and Calligraphy Postcards (Artists collaboration)
  • Christmas Calligraphy Ornaments
  • Seasonally Themed Gnomes
  • Wood Signs (Reclaimed or Newly Sourced Wood)
  • Brush Lettering
  • Fall Centerpieces (featuring local floral boutique)
  • Christmas Centerpieces
  • Children’s Classes

We also have the option to incorporate live music from established musicians at an additional cost.  You can choose what type of music for the event and it would be a duo playing the piano and another chosen instrument.

How does this work?

Each venue and business have different rules and ways that they would like to offer this artistic opportunity to their patrons.  We work with each business to establish a mutually beneficial event.

We provide all of the social media posts, blog posts, marketing materials (if you chose to hand out promotional items we can also provide those) for you to help us promote this event so that it is successful.

  • We have over 3200 Followers on Facebook to which we will market the event too
  • We have over 2000 Subscribers on our newsletter to which we will send several announcements leading up to the event
  • We list the event on local calendars and share it with other business that would be interested in sharing the event

To start the process of setting up an event at your business – you can email us at letterspaints@gmail.com