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Designers enjoy freedom, fun, flexibility, and the potential to craft a beautiful life!

Now, of course, I could just purchase this product to make my life easier. However, for me, it was a better option to join. Why Join? Why add more to my plate? Simply put, 40% OFF PRODUCT. That is right! When you place your order you will always get a 40% off discount! At the end of the day, 40% off is a HUGE DISCOUNT. So when I saw this discount, mixed with the fact that I knew I was going to use it year round, all pointed for me to join.

Benefits—Show me the money!

  • Earn up to 40% on all inventory you sell at the retail price.

  • Earn up to 25% on all Chalk Site website sales.

  • Build and grow your Team to achieve your dream.

  • Strive for product credit, bonuses, and incentives!

Joining Is Easy!

Click here to start the process of signing up with me!

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