Which Calligraphy Nib Should You Use?

Which Nibs Do You Need?

This can vary with the project, ink type, paper and what your experience level is with calligraphy.  I always have my students use the Nikko G nib or the Zebra G nib.  I tend to use this nib a lot but have collected many different ones to use for different projects.

Zebra G or the Nikko G

These nibs are the standard that we use in the studio for teaching calligraphy and for doing calligraphy invitations and calligraphy projects.  They are study and easy to use, as well as clean.  I can use one of these nibs for quite some time before I need to switch out the nib.  They are very consistent with their medium flexibility and ink flow.

Brause Rose 76 Nib

This has to be one of my favorite nibs for doing textured papers, over watercolor and anything that is not a smooth surface.  These nibs are always hard to come by at my local Pen store – Anderson Pens.  It is important to have several of these on hand as they are awesome, they have enough flexibility you can get a little twist or bend.

LAMY Joy Calligraphy Nib 1.5

This nib is more for specialized lettering when you need a wider font or wider lines.  It is a very stiff and sturdy nib but it is great for bigger fonts or things like posters or signs.


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