Chalk Couture – Join As A Designer – Should I Join Chalk Couture?

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You know I absolutely LOVE crafting! Being able to decorate in a fun, unique and budget friendly way is my heart’s passion.

When I was introduced to Chalk Couture, I knew it was a perfect fit for my company! It is not only super cute, but it is soooooo easy to use!

I love to make things. I love to be creative. I love to share that with people. I mean, that is why I have this studio! That is why I have social media! I love to share!

Well, the game changer with Chalk Couture for -you don’t have to be good at hand lettering. You don’t have to know how to paint. You don’t have to even be creative. ALL of this is done for you! You just have to apply it.


What does it mean to be a designer?
To be a designer with Chalk Couture, you must sign up under another Independent Designer for as little as $9.99

Become A Designer!(click here)

Are there any other fees associated with becoming a designer, besides the Start Kit?
Yes, you must pay a monthly fee of $19.99. This fee covers website maintenance, the handling of all website orders and a new club couture transfer every month that you will receive in the mail from corporate before it is available for purchase on your CC website!

You said website. What do you mean?
Each and every Chalk Couture designer has their own website provided to them by Chalk Couture. You do NOT have to maintain or do anything whatsoever to this website. It is provided for you with your own id in the web address so that YOU can have a place for people to shop your store to purchase product or even JOIN your team! Each website is identical. The only thing different is the id in the web address, which makes yours unique to you.

What perks are there to becoming a designer? What are my discounts/profit margins?
This is where it gets REALLY fun to talk about! As a designer, you receive 40% off all of your purchases! You can have an inventory if that is your desire, and you can make that 40% back in profit, or you can simply sell through your website and earn a 25% commission off those sales. OR, do both! It is completely up to you how you would like to run your business!

Are there any minimum requirements I must reach to stay an active designer?
Yes. If you have no desire to build a team and earn commissions from a team…and your main goal is just to run your business as an Independent Designer only- you must have a minimum of $150 in PV (personal volume) every quarter (3 months). That requirement does go up as you progress in the company, but it is very very doable. I have seen no one that has struggled to reach the requirements when you get started.

What is PV and how is that figured?
PV is personal volume. This is figured by your own personal purchases and those sales that you made on your website! $150 in PV in 3 months time is NOTHING. It is a very very attainable requirement to keep you earning good money with Chalk Couture!

Can I stop as a designer at any time?
Yes, you sure can. if you feel this is not for you- you can quit at anytime. There will be no refunds on your items.

Will I receive help and training once I become a designer?
Yes!  You will get access to all of the teams trainings – I belong to some awesome Facebook Groups to get you in the right direction!

I hate direct sales. What makes this one any different?
There is zero need to be salesy. In fact, I can’t stand salesy. I only want people on my team who WANT to be on my team, and I only want people to purchase products and try things that truly WANT to do that! There is nothing to gain by pushing yourself or your product. SHOW people the product and how it works, and I can 100% guarantee you, it will sell. It is truly that good.

Become A Designer!(click here)